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HanFab Steel Fabrication and Welding - Welding Services

Mobile & Onsite:

We are fully mobile and equipped with a generator to supply power to jobs and areas that are not mains power equipped. We cover most areas in Perth.

Our fees include a callout fee of between $100 and $150 (depending on the area) which covers:

  • Travel time to and from the job
  • Fuel and running costs
  • Basic welding consumables such as grinding discs, welding wire and rods, welding tips and gases

Our hourly rate (labour) is $60 per hour or part thereof.

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Our range of Onsite and Mobile Welding Services include service and repair of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium including:

  • Custom welding jobs
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding

We can do onsite repairs to your:

  • Gates, Railings and Fencing
  • Trailers, Boats and Caravans
  • Carports and Patios
  • Cars, Trucks and Bikes

Or any other welding job that needs to be done.

Drop-Off Repairs:

Our pre-arranged Drop-Off Repair Service includes service and repair of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium items including:

  • Gates, Railings and Fencing
  • Trailers, Boats and Caravans
  • Cars and Bikes
  • Window Grilles and Louvres
  • Tables and Outdoor Furniture
  • Tools, Trolleys and Cages
  • Radiators and Air Conditioning Pipes
  • Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids

Phone us on 0450 728 001 to arrange to drop-off an item for repair.

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Quote Info:

To enable a quote or cost estimate on work required there are a number of things you can send in an email that will enable a fairly accurate cost analysis:

  1. Photos of the area/job that needs repair or welding
  2. A description of the size of the area (or number of areas) to be welded and/or repaired
  3. If any specific materials (or replacement pieces) will be needed (ie new hinges for a gate repair)
  4. An idea of what the material/area to be repaired is - steel, aluminium, cast iron etc
  5. Whether or not there is easy access to the site and/or mains power available
  6. The area (address) of the job and times available for access to the area
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Boat Repairs Welding
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